Unique Office Space Interiors

Professional Spaces, based in Long Island, New York, offers innovative interior office space and furniture planning solutions to businesses and organizations of all sizes.

The specialists at Professional Spaces understand that physical surroundings in the workplace are a direct reflection of a company's reputation, worth and success.

Professional Spaces was founded by Gail R. Polivy, an accomplished office interiors consultant with nearly 20 years of office interior industry experience.

Maximizing Your Office's Workflow

Professional Spaces offers consultation, assessment, field measuring, space planning, drawings (scale, 3-D and color renderings), budget planning, furniture selection, and project and installation management.

Our space planners conduct assessments of your company's office space and create customized plans for each department in your organization. With this new floor plan, we maximize your space and workflow. Our detailed office plans are developed in both two and three dimensions to allow for a clear visualization of your office.

Our strategic alliance with Patrice Auerbach, a member of the American Society of Interior Designers, helps to bring outstanding creativity to all of our Long Island clients.

Free In-Office Consultation

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